Blood collection tube

Focus on research and production Disposable medical devices made of medical polymers

Detailed Descriptions

1. Plain (no additive, serum) tube;

2. Clot activator (Pro-coagulation) tube;

3. Gel clot activator (SST) tube;

4. EDTA K2 (K3, Na2) tube;

5. Sodium Citrate tube (1:9);

6. Sodium (Lithium)Heparin tube;

7. Glucose (sodium fluoride, oxalate) tube;

8. ESR tube (1:4).

Material: Glass and PET;

Color of caps: red, orange, yellow, gray, blue, green, purple,black.

Normal specification: 12×75mm, 12×100mm,13×75mm, 13×100mm, 16×100mm;

Blood drawing volume: 1~10ml.

Key Words:

Syringe / Hypodermic Needle / Infusion bag



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